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Laser marking and engraving

Laser marking

Laser marking is a method used to create an inscription or a graphic design on a surface. The main advantages of this method are high resolution, speed of the marking process itself and its durability over time.
An inscription is created by the means of a laser beam, which partially changes the structure of the marked material and thus creates the desired visual effect. The final result can then be influenced by various parameters. The depth of the marking is in the range of micrometres. Thus, it is not primarily a matter of removing material, as is the case of engraving.
Laser marking has become very popular as it can be applied to various materials. It can replace pad printing or self-adhesive labels.
Our laser machine can mark plastics, metal and wood. If you are interested in our services, we will be happy to run a test using the material you provide, as different materials may yield different result. In the case of plastics, the visual effect can be influenced by the use of additives in the pre-injection stage.

Laser engraving

Using laser technology represents the simplest and most efficient way of engraving text or graphics into a wide range of materials. A laser beam heats the material to a very high temperature. As a result, material turns into gas and subsequently evaporates. The engraved object remains unmarked by any physical manipulation as the process is contactless. 

The main advantages of this technology are sharp edges, the speed of the process itself (depending on the depth of engraving) and high resolution. Laser engraving stands for durability as the images are “set in stone” (metaphorically speaking). 
Our laser machine is suitable for engraving plastics, wood and metal (metal only to a shallow depth).

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