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PCB assembly

  • Processing PCBs of up to 450 x 400 mm in size
  • In-line SMT production line including conveyors
  • Manual population of thru-the-hole components
  • Selective wave soldering
  • Washing of populated PSBs

Independence, creativity, development

This is the summary of the main pillars our production is based on.

As a small company we learned to rely primarily on ourselves. For many years now, our main focus has been independence in as many ways as possible. After we develop a new product, we manufacture it from A to Z. Thanks to this philosophy we have a wide variety of machines, tools and equipment. Combining these with the experience and skills of our staff brings the desired results.

Production starts with PCB assembly. Our capacity is far greater than our internal need and so we populate PCBs for other clients too. These clients do not need to own expensive machinery or employ experienced workers yet still they get their PCBs populated quickly yet for very competitive prices.

We populate PCBs with passion, and we are good at it.

Here is the list of some of our equipment:

Application of solder paste

MPM100 (Speedline Technologies)

  • fully automated screen-print with accuracy of 20µm@6σ

  • 2D inspection of applied paste

  • barcode reading of not only the PCBs, but also of the materials used (paste, stencil, trowel) for full traceability of the entire process

Poloautomatický a ruční sítotisk Uniprint/Motoprint (PBT)

  • maximum flexibility for small series and pre-production samples
SMD population

SM321 a SM481 (SAMSUNG)

  • tandem of two pick and place machines with the total capacity of up to 51000 components per hour

  • flexible and fast solution for medium and large series

  • range of cases - from 0201 up to 55 x 55 mm

CLM9000 (Essemtec)

  • up to 3000 components per hour

  • integrated paste dispenser which enables population of samples without the need for an expensive stencil

Reflow soldering

1707 MkIII (Heller Industries)

  • 14 individually controlled zones

  • central support for sizeable PCBs

  • SW for measurement of temperature profiles

  • certification for Pb-Free process
Through-hole population
  • bending and trimming of leads (Olamef)

  • soldering by hand
Selective soldering
  • Versaflow 4/55 (ERSA)
  • high-end automated selective soldering in an in-line mode

  • processing of a number of PCBs in independent modules fluxer-preheat-soldering

  • protective nitrogen atmosphere

  • soldering of leads on double sided PCBs

PCB cleaning after soldering

Super Swash (PBT)

  • important step in the production process, contributes to long-term reliability even if non-clean soldering process is used

  • three-phase washing cycle with the possibility of recycling of all used cleaning solvents

  • high-pressure washing for effective cleaning even under components

  • continuous monitoring of cleaning solution quality and of conductivity during the final rinse by demineralised water


MEK PowerSpector FDAz520 (Marantz)

  • AOI, automated optical inspection

  • 1 main camera, 8 side cameras, resolution 18/10um, telecentric optics, various combinations of three types of lighting

  • testing for the presence of a component, its description, polarity, coplanarity, shift, rotation, non-wetting, bridging, tombstoning, bent leads, foreign objects on the board etc…

LYNX (Vision engineering)

  • stereo microscope with 7 – 40x magnification

  • top view or side view

  • camera for documentation and measurement

Rework station

HR 600-2 (ERSA) 

  • hybrid rework station combining IR and conventional heating

  • professional solution for BGA chips

  • fully automated processes of soldering and component removal with precisely defined temperature profile

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