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NeoMark Twin laser marking machine

<span>NeoMark Twin laser marking machine</span>
13. 4. 2021

As part of improving the quality of our production, our staff has expanded with a new laser marking machine NeoMark Twin from OSAI Automation. Thanks to it, each PCB equipped by us can have a burned QR code, which hides all the necessary information. In practice, we have tested that we can burn text, barcode and 2D code on a printed circuit board.

NeoMark Twin is a marking system dedicated to mass production and to high density multiplates. The mechanical handling of the PCBs enables high definition markings in a work area up to 480 x 480mm that will guarantee product immediate identification, throughput capability check, production quality level check, feedback in production floor for problem solving, capability to trace problematic lots (link between PCB and defective IC), historical data available for a long time.
NeoMark Twin features different laser sources, fiducials recognition, high accuracy in marking position (25um), OCR capabilities, fail PCBs recognition (Red Label), Top/Bottom Marking SW, best result marking assurance.

More information HERE.

With us, you can be sure that the 5-year warranty on most of our products is supported not by promises, but by consistent supervision of the entire production process, from the purchase of quality components to ignition, calibration and testing including a calibration certificate.