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New Pricelist

<span>New Pricelist</span>
30. 7. 2021

Dear customers,

in recent months, the industry has on the one hand experienced a large increase in demand for raw materials, components and services and on the other hand, the availability of raw materials and components is significantly limited, creating pressure on costs across all supply chains.

Our company, like all others, is not immune to that. We do not operate in a bubble. Since January of this year, we have been facing more than double-digit cost increases in key segments of our production:
Plastic granulate and similar raw materials: 12% - 62%
Electronic components: 12% - 85%
Shipping costs: 8% - 21%

We can no longer continue absorbing these still increasing expenses and we are forced to transfer at least some of that burden onto our clients. If we did not have to do so, we would not do it. We are not a company that increases its prices with every new year coming. This is our second price increase in 11 years.

As a result, with effect from September 1, 2021, we are increasing our prices for all products by 7.4%,

Price changes will be valid for all orders shipped after September 1, 2021, including orders that are already open.

We ask you to understand this undesirable but necessary price correction.

The new price mathematical formula is very simple, but if you need the price list in an electronic form, please let me know.

On behalf of the entire ORBIT MERRET team