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Products with signal W

Isolated Analog Transmitter for Wattmeters

The OMX 39 model series are inexpensive and simple DIN rail mountable analog transmitters. Type OMX 39W is a transmitter for galvanic separation and measurement of power consumption. The transmitters have galvanic separation with insulation voltage of  600 V. They are therefore suitable as primary insulation for a majority of industrial applications.

4 - digit AC Voltmeter and Ammeter / Network Analyser

Type OM 402PWR  is a multifunction AC voltmeter and ammmeter with extended functions for further analysis of electricity network. It measures voltage, current, active power, frequency, and through calculation also reactive power, apparent power and cos fi. The instrument is based on a single-chip microcontroller and a true RMS converter, which ensure good accuracy, stability and easy operation of the instrument.

1x 3-F Wattmeter

Plug-in card for measurements of 3-phase power, voltage (VRMS), current (ARMS), frequency (Hz), power P, Q, S, harmonic distortion, angle and cos fi for the OMR 700 is fully isolated from the internal bus with a galvanic isolation also between individual inputs.
The design of the cards allows their use at any position in the device. If during the use of the device appear new requirements to increase the number of inputs or outputs, just order another card and insert it into a free slot. In this manner the device can "grow" with your requirements.